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About the Throat: Preventing Throat Problems, Keeping Your Throat Healthy, What Do the...
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Ask Our Experts: Pain in Side of Throat: What Could Be the Cause?, Could Cow's Milk Be...
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Case Studies: My Baby Was Born Tongue Tied : A Case Study, I Have a Phobia About...
Common Throat Problems
Common Throat Problems: Allergies and Your Throat, Do You Have Bad...
Lifestyle & Your Throat.
Lifestyle & Your Throat.: Why You Need Your Tonsils, Smoking and Throat...
Oral & Throat Cancers
Oral & Throat Cancers: Facts and Figures About Throat Cancer, Cancer of...
Throat Infections
Throat Infections: Can You Still Get Quinsy?, Thrush and the Throat, What is Quinsy?,...
Throat Surgeries
Throat Surgeries: What is an Adenoidectomy?, What is a Laryngectomy?, What is a...
Latest Comments
  • Jay b
    Re: Keeping Your Throat Healthy
    I have a throat ulcer.. Always removing small tissue from the throat..making my mouth bitter and is disturbing my breathing...
    8 December 2016
  • Kayk
    Re: Lumps in the Throat
    Have had a cold a few days no sore throat but today discovered a big lump in my throat..
    7 December 2016
  • Viv
    Re: Stress and Losing Your Voice
    I was robbed and jumped not long ago stomped to the floor and have a broken eye socket and they chocked me out. But now since then…
    22 November 2016
  • Bikash kumar tiwari
    Re: Keeping Your Throat Healthy
    I have throat i keept is ulcer plz tell me.very painful cannot eating or drinks..
    18 November 2016
  • Natty
    Re: Viral Throat Infections
    Hello, my daughter has no tonsils but has a high temperature and small blistery type ulcers on the back of her throat. They look…
    14 November 2016
  • Siby
    Re: What is Quinsy?
    Doctor said I had tonsillitis but that he thinks it'll go without antibiotics and to have difflam spray and ibuprofen. It has not helped at all,…
    13 November 2016
  • Ajju
    Re: White Lumps From Throat in Mouth: What Are They?
    I have my left side back of tosil white single lump I'm not sure what's is this my ent doc told me…
    13 November 2016
  • ThroatProblems
    Re: What Are Throat Polyps?
    Chez - Your Question:Hi I was told 3 months ago I've gotried throat polyes one on each side. Recently I've had an tickley cough it's…
    31 October 2016
  • Chez
    Re: What Are Throat Polyps?
    Hi I was told 3 months ago I've gotried throat polyes one on each side. Recently I've had an tickley cough it's really getting me down as…
    30 October 2016
  • krishnaveer
    Re: Ulcers In The Throat
    Actually, before having throat ulcers ( that are very painful and can't swallowing any thing ) I smoked 10 cigarette in 3 day but…
    23 October 2016
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